First Day of School

I should be better at this. It’s Martha’s first day at Middle School, and I’m a wreck. Tom has been to eight different schools, and Martha, five. Tom has his schools picked carefully, based on environment, academic performance and how welcoming they are to new students. Martha gets shoved in whatever school happens to be close by and looks like it could withstand the Human Hurricane that is number two, culminating in choosing one at random from a sign on the side of the road in Nairobi. The International Christian Kindergarten.

She spent two and a half blissful years there, studying Maths (times tables), English (with a Kenyan accent) and Science (God created it). The nativity play was a triumph of will over diversity, with the Korean Missionary headteacher being of the mind that if you came to a Christian kindergarten, you were in the nativity. No exceptions. We had Sikh shepherds, Muslim kings, a Jewish Joseph, and the most mysterious casting of all – Martha as an angel. If ever you need an example of faith, there it is.

For those who have yet to encounter Martha, she’s the one at bottom right with her tongue out and her fist up.

And you wonder why I worry…

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