I’ve lost my funny today.

I’ve lost my funny today. It’s one of those days, the days when your ‘Fake it ’til you Make’ it stores have run dry, and you’re left sitting wondering if you really can do this after all. When you wonder if people have realized that you really don’t know what you’re doing, that your readership will forever be limited to those you have blackmailed into subscribing, and that maybe it’s time to go and get a job in Starbucks after all.

The day is only an hour and a half old. It’s 1.30 am and we’re in the run-up to Christmas, with only half the Christmas cards written and international mail deadlines looming; the Feisty One’s birthday sleepover is this weekend and I am already sleep deprived; the dog that has been with us since we started our travels is now 17, senile, awake and whining and the top third of our supposedly pre-lit Christmas tree is in darkness, and has been since this time last year.

Normally, this would be small potatoes in the chaos that is my life, but I’ve lost my funny today. Anyone got any I can borrow?



5 thoughts on “I’ve lost my funny today.”

  1. Let’s seeā€¦First of all. you have to be patient about readership. It takes a very long time to build up. It’s maddening, I know. Secondly, this should cheer you up. We had our first snarky waiter at Disneyland, another employee who was in a bad mood, and for one lunch it took half an hour longer for my food than everyone else’s. So it isn’t always the “Happiest Place on Earth”. It’s safe for you to visit.

    Why don’t you send some beautiful email Christmas cards? Some of the e-cards here are stunning, for instance.

    I know it’s not a picture of the family, but if you want to, you could always make one with a photo, digitally. I don’t use a picture of the family because really, that never seems to go well! LOL! Do yours?

  2. I have some second hand funny you could use… there may be some chuckles left if you really squeeze it out. New funny is sometimes hard to find…

  3. Dont beat yourself up! You have made amazing strides in only a few months and brought lots of humor to our daily routine as well as useful info on how not to relocate.

  4. You have an amazing gift girl and you just keep on doing what you are doing. Every time I have opened your blog since subscribing, I have laughed and you have made my day. I have absolutely no funny to lend you today. I am in the process of RELOCATING! We were suppose to close on our existing home today (after a 2 week delay). However because some underwriter in Florida was off work yesterday, the buyers final employment verification was not able to be processed and we are now hoping for a Monday morning settlement. Mind you – we close on the new home on Monday afternoon. It’s absolutely crazy to think that one person having a day off could effect the lives of so many people. But, in the end, it is what it is – not much you can do about it. Keep smiling and find your funny for the sake of the rest of us!

  5. Rachel,

    Good days aren’t good if you have no bad days to compare them too. Give Murphy a cuddle.

    I spent a grand on the car having the alternator and cam belt changed today. I went into the woods at work to gather data on squirrels this afternoon, only to discover the Rentokil man had been this morning and shot them all. I call that irony rather than humor but it beats a dose of piles any day.

    Best regards,


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