Lost in Cyberspace

I have spent the last two days trying to further my understanding of all things techie, and have only succeeded in downloading two viruses (virii?), consuming vast amounts of chocolate and caffeine and giving myself a headache. So instead of a well researched, erudite article on changing your life or your location, here’s where I was yesterday..

Cakewrecks – The Search for the World’s Most Disturbing Shower Cake Ends Here¬†¬†Hilariously, when I viewed this page, the ad at the top was for permanent birth control..

More Cake Wrecks РStop Helping  (You can see that I love this site)

Yet More Cake Wrecks – The Gift of Encouragement. (Obsessed, actually)

I would just like to thank Emma for introducing me to the world of the cake wreck, and in doing so, reducing my productivity rate to approximately 0%.

Life! Death! Top Tips! You’ll never need one of my checklists again.

And finally, Perfectly Timed Photos..








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