Relax – This is Kenya!

This guest post comes from Ayesha, part of my Sanity Circle of friends in Kenya who kept the chaos in perspective. She kept me laughing constantly with her quiet but very well observed humor, and I am delighted that she has given in to my interminable nagging, and agreed to post on the site from Nairobi.  Enjoy!!

My internet connection was cut off for the nth time today. And, here comes the best part, due to non-payment of my bill.  Of course, it’s the same bill that I paid 20 days ago, two weeks before the due date. As this is not the first time this has happened to me (surprise! surprise!), I make sure that every time I pay my bill, I email the gentleman in charge and ask him if my payment has been received. I relax only when I receive his reply in the affirmative. Guess what? Of course, he replied that he had and that it would be credited to my account. Admittedly, the ‘immediately’ was implicit, and that may have been where I went wrong.

Alas, today my connection was terminated.  Actually, that is what I am thinking of doing now: terminating my connection with this internet provider, but this will obviously involve me getting it reconnected first.  I wanted to cry, but since the tears weren’t really there and fuming and fretting was, I splashed cold water on my face, texted my husband to finish all internet related work at his office and went to see how my kids were getting along with their homework. I was concerned that they may need to use the world wide web for some of their work. Fortunately, today was one of those rare days when they could accomplish their tasks technology free. There have been days when we have had to go either to my husband’s office or to a café with wireless internet access, despite my best efforts, repeated payments and email correspondence.

So, this evening, I reminded myself how, when we had moved to Kenya six years ago, the only internet available to me was via pre-paid cards for dial-up access @ $10 per hour, or via an internet cafe. Uploading ten photos, like I had done last evening, was impossible then. All in all, my internet works pretty well most of the time. Now and then, about once in 2 months, they drive me crazy by (1) disconnecting my service, (2) not answering their phone when I call to get the problem fixed and (3) if someone does pick up, it’s after hours and the accounts office has closed for the day, but hey.  I will start calling them early tomorrow morning, give them time to sort out this mess, and make sure I stay calm and remind myself:

Relax, this is Kenya!

4 thoughts on “Relax – This is Kenya!”

  1. Would it make you feel better to know that we get the same kind of treatment from our ISP here? I enjoyed your blog, and will keep that photo to remind myself of the beauty in the world the next time I have to call customer service!

    1. The miracles of modern technology! If everything is working and we can find our phones, keys, remotes, laptops – it is a miracle! Sounds like you are having an amazing adventure. The only kitty I can photograph locally is Rachel’s dog Kitty.

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