The ScottEVest Challenge # 2 – Travel gear and teenage fear..

(If you missed The ScottEVest Challenge #1, you can find it here)

Yesterday was a momentous day. It was the second month anniversary of the new site, two months since the very first words were typed into a new uploaded template, in a somewhat desperate attempt to see which bit did what. It was also the day that the number of pageviews passed 2000, with a little help from Facebook. It was the day my first tweet was posted, and my Twitter page boasted just three people. Laura Gaffney, the Dalai Lama, and me. An excellent day indeed.

It wasn’t just on this side of the Atlantic that the news was happy, however. For over in the Forest of Dean, an innocent UPS man was being accosted by a highly overexcited female, who had just realised that the US postmark on her parcel meant.. The ScottEVest had arrived.

Just to put the recipient of the vest in context, this is a woman who hand sewed pockets into her pinafore dress when she was 11, after which the Girl Guide uniform, complete with leather belt pouch and penknife clips met the need for gadget transportation. Fast forward to 16, and she was a Venture Scout, spending weekends toting a rucksack packed with only the most essential supplies across the more rugged portions of Wales. Her college bike had panniers, she took motorbike camping holidays with all her belongings wedged into hard shell side storage, and her latest triumph was to transport 350 Kinder Surprise Easter eggs by motorcycle, without resorting to the time honored tradition of plastic shopping bags swinging from the handlebars. Yes indeed, this is a woman who knows her storage capacities, and the ScottEVest is the Holy Grail.

However high the expectations, the vest still managed to exceed them. For a start, the pockets had little instruction cards in them, offering helpful suggestions as to what one might store. The drinks bottle pocket had an elastic loop to keep the bottle upright and the cleaning cloth for your glasses was attached by a cord and so could never be lost without the involvement of scissors. But best of all, everything had a helpful picture to remind you  in which pocket you had stored everything.

This final feature was met with a particularly warm welcome by my nephew as a potential preventer of maternal meltdown. Earlier this year, the whole family trotted off on a ‘No Sun, No Fun’ holiday with friends (I don’t thinks that’s their actual marketing slogan, just a description fro my sister), where the return ferry tickets mysteriously disappeared. The entire packed contents of the car were unpacked and rifled, my brother-in-law searched the cabin to no avail, and the entire time, my nephew remained firmly in the rear seat of the friends’ car, attempting invisibility. Finally, the other mother in the party marched over to the car, wrenched open the rear door, and demanded to know just what he thought he was doing. His reply?

“I’ve seen this scenario before. We lose the tickets, Mum goes mad searching everywhere, has a complete meltdown, and eventually takes it out on the back of my head. I’m staying well out of it”

Such wisdom, in one so young.

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  1. Tell me, just how many pounds of chocolate did Sarah manage to carry in that vest? Her answer will impact my decision whether to purchase or not. And is it better to use Celebration size chocolates to maximise quantity or larger bars – I’m sure there’s a science fair project in the making here.

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