The ScottEVest Challenge.

In my efforts to make the world of global nomadery ever easier, I spend huge amounts of time trawling through the good, the bad and the downright ugly when it comes to practical help. Today, I stumbled across something very, very good. And so, tonight, the ScottEVest challenge was born.

I was tipped off by Laura, who knows more about websites and blogs than I ever will, and so has the dubious honor of fielding endless inane questions with my email address in her sender box. In an effort to divert my attention and keep me occupied for ten minutes, she suggested I check out the ScottEVest website. It features a product that strikes a blow for airline travelers the world over…


Now, I have a feeling that we will all have our different flashpoints – that moment when you just feeling like saying “Sod it” and heading for the nearest bar. My own personal one is airport security. Not because of the weight restriction – I personally pack pretty light, instead relying on all the poor saps who come and visit me to act as my tea bag, Branston pickle and Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut transporters… Nope, it’s the endless documentation, electronic device and emergency rations that traveling en famille requires. As we approach the security checkpoint, I strongly resemble an inept Cirque du Soleil trainee, with equally interesting hair and make-up and a homicidal expression on my face. And then the games begin.
The OH insists that the laptop is not safe in checked luggage, so that has to be unpacked from the hand luggage and placed in its own tray. The iPads would require surgical removal from the children’s hands, and so I am left juggling passports, tickets, chargers, toiletries, discarded items of clothing and duty free gifts while at the same time trying to remove boots and belt while avoiding indecent exposure. The severity of my struggle was no more apparent than when I lost my passport (complete with newly minted US L2 visa that took three months and considerable paperwork to attain) in Nairobi airport as we were leaving Kenya for good. After 20 minutes of frantic searching of our persons, luggage and the entire check in area, it did turn up; under the flap of the all-weather English saddle that formed part of our belongings. Seriously.

So, with no further ado, I have ordered my two ScotEVest Travel vests; one to be shipped to myself, and one to my sister, who has her own personal crusade. The last time she travelled out to the US, in a misguided frugal moment she sustained considerable bruising lugging a suitcase across the London underground system, so being able to pack 22 pockets which are not subject to baggage charges should be right up her alley. I have sent her her very own vest as a bribe, on the understanding that she has to keep photographic evidence of exactly what she can get into it, and just how it looks when modeled. I have a feeling she will be able to get her entire luggage for a week in it, but I may be overly optimistic. Meanwhile, I will be subjecting my own vest to rigorous scrutiny on this side of the Atlantic, and road testing it on any poor souls that are not able to run fast enough. You have been warned…


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  1. BRILLIANT… omg I have NEVER been so excited about an item of clothing. I can’t wait…. I reckon I can get on board with tons of Dairy Milk in this vest… as long as I don’t have to walk too far or stand in a hot queue 🙂

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