Who says crime doesn’t pay??

It’s 6.57 am on a Sunday morning, and after 3 hours of mental anguish, I have just gone over to the dark side.. Plagiarism. Otherwise known as theft of intellectual property, and I’m proudly displaying it for all the world to see. It’s my Contact form.

For the last year, I have wrestled with the world of website building, and have continually been on the losing side. It’s all written in a strange language which I don’t understand, and even when I ask questions on the many forums out there, the answers are mystifying.

Enter Sandy, who introduced me to the world of ‘View Source’. For those of you who have the vaguest interest, if you click on ‘view’ on the menu of your web browser, one of the options is the aforementioned ‘view source’. It’s the HTML code for the page that you are viewing, and it’s endless. But today, I decoded it.

Actually, just a little, and I cheated. My years in teaching paid off, and I just scanned for a paragraph containing the words I wanted, copied and pasted it onto my blank page, and voilà.. A contact form.

Should you want to witness the masterpiece, I have included a link.


Now let’s see if it actually works..


2 thoughts on “Who says crime doesn’t pay??”

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