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Brief Triumph of the Expat Trailing Spouse - Defining Moves


It is a triumph of determination over adversity, of defiance over embarrassment, and of small steps over giant leaps. It’s a David and Goliath story, for here I am, in the middle of a billion dollar industry, and I have been published.

You can read it HERE. (and please do, because it makes the people in the HR world think that I’m really, really influential. We can keep the truth just between us..)

Those of you who have been following this blog (mostly due to emotional blackmail and a warped enjoyment of the blog version of Funniest Home Videos) will be astonished. It’s a victory for the Sausage Splat over the Sausage Plait. It’s public acknowledgement that life is messy, no-one’s perfect, but we can still have a brief moment of looking competent.

Over the past six months, I’ve shared stories of my expat disasters, family dysfunctions, parenting blunders and general ineptitude, safe in the knowledge that I’m not alone. You only realize that we’re all doing it badly until you’re in the middle of nowhere, wondering why your single day cultural diversity boot camp didn’t cover the word for toilet tissue and how all your personal / social / parenting failings miraculously made the journey with you.

All those of us doubting our own ability should take heart from this –  if you need more evidence, here’s my first and second posts that inadvertently launched the site. Those of us trotting around the world in a haphazard fashion do have a voice, and according to the site stats over at internationalhrforum.com, people might even be listening.

Sadly for you, that voice is currently me, and I’m no paragon of Trailing Spouse, expat or parenting virtue.

Sorry about that..

Photo courtesy of  State Library of New South Wales

3 Responses to I’ve been published!

  1. Sandy says:

    Who needs another paragon of anything? Not me. On the other hand, you are an inspiration of boldness and determination, creating something you believe in and making it a happy success.

  2. Evan says:

    Well done Rachel!

    I found it quite surreal the first time I had something published; to see something you’ve written presented to the world by someone other than yourself. When its on your own site, you still have that nice feeling of control, but now you are really out there Rach!


    • Rachel Yates says:

      FYI – Evan’s publication titles include “Evolutionary many-objective optimisation: many once or one many?”
      “Checkers using a co-evolutionary on-line evolutionary algorithm”

      Mine was titled “Mistakes of a First Time Trailing Spouse”..

      I need a better title.

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