When Life gets a little crazy

A whole week of 2012 has passed by, and it’s been a little out of control. So far, we’ve had lost dogs, exploding fish and a reversing mishap, and thats just on a local scale.

Globally, three personal friends are going through the chaos of relocation, and as I am a firm believer that your best hope for relocating successfully is to cling to your sense of humor, I’ve put together video evidence that other people have out of control days too.. So this one is for Emma, Ayesha, Claire and Mandy.. Keep smiling, ladies!

The “Not Taking the Advice of Others” one

The “Nobody Listens to Me” one

The “Lost in Translation” one

One thought on “When Life gets a little crazy”

  1. Oh that dog herding the sheep is too much! Actually pretty scary. Looks like they are headed for the road.

    I communicate with two friends through a translation site. I usually have to struggle to understand what they meant to say, and God only knows what I have said to them. Still, they haven’t banned me so either I am viewed as a source of much hilarity, or perhaps as a beneficial brain exercise.

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