Feeling Overwhelmed? Expat EveryDay Support Center Offer

Expat Overwhelm expat everyday support center offer I had big plans for this post. Firstly, it was going to happen about two weeks earlier, and it was going to be an insightful, witty and carefully crafted overview of how complicated life can be, and why it is helpful to have someone skilled alongside you who can keep you on track and keep you engaged.

Instead, here we are two weeks later, and I am sitting in my pajamas amid piles of Christmas cards which also should have been written two weeks ago and will now qualify as New Year – or at the current rate – Valentine’s Day cards. Last week, I managed to incorrectly refer to the date of the Feisty One’s birthday -IN FRONT OF HER – and have been reminded of my heinous mistake thrice daily ever since. It’s tomorrow, should any of you still be wondering, and predictably, today will be spent in a frenzied dash around the local stores in an attempt to pull it all together. Oh, and I learned last night that the bakery from which her long awaited cake was supposed to be purchased may well have closed down.

Oh, and did I mention my mother is visiting for a month and a half..?

I’m in full overwhelm and at this point, my personal goal has been downgraded from “keeping on track” to ‘clinging to sanity”. And I am willing to bet that I am not alone.

Which leads me to the point of today’s post; a free 30 minute coaching session from the Expat EveryDay Support Center.

I have known Norman for a couple of years, during which he has been running one of the most expat-centred, well designed coaching programs that I have seen. It’s run entirely online so you can visit at any time that works for you, and has the benefit of Norman’s wisdom and expertise backing it up.

But the thing I love best about Norman? He is completely unflappable. He has had so many random messages, questions and demands from the Defining Moves cupboard over the last year, and nothing has ever rattled him. He somehow untangles every challenge that I throw at him, without ever making me feel like an idiot or rolling his eyes. Those of you who know me personally will attest to the level of personal character and professional training that requires.

So, just for the Defining Moves community, he has put together a specialĀ free 30 minute coaching session so that you can test out what the Expat Everyday Support Center has to offer. Whether you are just moving, just landing or just need to talk to someone who gets it, click on the link to find out more.

Oh, and say hi to Norman for me..

Image courtesy of the Nationaal Archeif via Flickr.

One thought on “Feeling Overwhelmed? Expat EveryDay Support Center Offer”

  1. I find your wit and humor simply delightful. I love your stories short to the point with wit oozing from the sentences.
    I will be once again leaving my grandsons ages 8 months to 4 & 1\2 then a6 1\2 and 8 year old. It makes me sad to do so. But your gift of writing makes me laugh unexpectedly. Thank you. I did this before 4
    Years in China Now it Malaysia. Its hot it humid.
    * What to pack?.
    KNOW THYSELF great!!!

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