Expat Life Made Better.. A Little Help?

Long time readers will know how passionate I am about Families In Global Transition, an organization that provides a forum for the diverse range of people involved in international mobility – everyone from expats themselves to those who support, serve and send them – to gather, listen, share and learn. The Annual conference is always incredible, both for the warmth of the welcome and the wisdom of the attendees and speakers.

We are witnessing an increasing number of moves made independent of organizational support or funded by ‘lump sum’ policies, allowing families the flexibility (and in lump sum cases) the finance to facilitate their own move.

It’s a double edged sword, and the potential consequences are huge. While I am a passionate believer in the need for families to be informed, empowered partners in any move, there is the very real potential for poor decisions made on the basis of lack of knowledge, experience or misguided assumptions.

The increasing use of web based learning, support and collaborate project management platforms means that potential expats can get information, connections, support and services through the entire process, from consideration to repatriation, and having met some of the upcoming providers in this field, I am both excited and inspired.
Hence my highlight of FIGT 14 was the number of emerging solopreneurs who are leveraging technology to bring high quality, effective support direct to families living internationally.


One of these is Amanda Wilby, a Global Talent Coach, and leader of the Expat360°Life Programme (www.expat360life.com). It didn’t hurt that she is British, and well versed in the challenges of getting the entire family from A to B and then keeping them happy once there. Bearing in mind that she is a former change management consultant (IBM), she should be good at this stuff.And she is very, very good.

But from an expat (i.e. potential user) perspective, the bit I like best is that she is very, very smart, and very, very funny. Because if I was someone to guide me through the challenges of international transition, I want them to

a) know what it feels like

b) know better

c) be able to see the funny side.

Happily, Amanda has done just that, setting up Expat360life.com, a blended coaching and mentoring program using on-line video, audio downloads, self-study exercises and live facilitated webinars to “create greater engagement, purpose and resonance for a successful life overseas.” Or, in  my world, make life easier.

She is running a free Expat360°Life Jumpstart Webinar on Tuesday 29 April 2014 at 20.00hrs UCT discussing

  • The 4 biggest myths about creating a successful expat life
  • The 5 Expat Traps to avoid when setting up your life overseas
  • The 9 things that need to be in place in order to create a successful and happy life abroad
  • A live Expat360°Life Jumpstart exercise to help you begin to make the changes you desire.
 For more information and free registration go to: www.expat360life.com.  
I’ll see you there..


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