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Oops. Some things weren’t meant to be shared..

My son is not speaking to me, and I blame Pagelines and Facebook. After four days of randomly pressing keys to see if just one of them will do something useful (I belong to the osmosis school of web design – stare at the screen for long enough, and understanding will miraculously appear), I worked out how to post a ….post. And insert a picture, and see it appear in a sidebar, all by itself.Ta-da!

And right there is the pride that was my downfall. I was merrily showing off my newfound skill to Tom, with his worst picture and a (I thought) hilarious comment, when I made a new discovery – the share button.
So who knew that when they say share, they mean share. NOW. No log in, no second chances, just horrified expressions from the pair of us when it duly appeared on my Facebook wall.  And despite consoling my firstborn with the words ‘When you’re my age, no-one is interested in what you post on Facebook”, I woke up this morning to a bloated inbox and a very guilty conscience.

Turns out we were right all along: Facebook is incredibly damaging to the teenage psyche. Let this be a lesson to him.

And by way of an apology, here’s one of him post haircut. Can’t you just see the gratitude..??