Expat life plays havoc with your finances. Often you are paid in one currency but live day-to-day with another, creating a budget is impossible when you have no idea what you will need or what anything costs, and trying to keep track of your spending when you have to establish a whole new life, home [...]

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I recently went back to the UK for a seasonal family visit, and have just received my Christmas gift from AT&T, my cellphone carrier here in the US. It’s a bill for $286. I would never previously have described myself as innocent, but obviously in matters of data roaming charges, I am, because this bill [...]

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Adam and Eve and Apple..

On November 29, 2011 By

The Other Half has finally given up his beloved Blackberry Pearl, which was so worn that the plastic beneath the chrome finish was all that was visible, and the trackball had lost all of it’s magic navigation capabilities and is left only with a sad and redundant clicking sound.

He now has been issued [...]

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