Relocation Basics

Introduction: Relocation basics


Before you start, I want you to suspend your hang-ups for the time being, and just go with the flow. You may have been assigned a very expensive relocation package, or you may have done this before. If so, chances are you will already be aware of some of the steps, or think that they are being handled for you. But I still want you to read though each step of the guide.

Here’s why.

We all have gaps in our relocation knowledge, and being systematic right from the start is the best way of finding them. Think of them as speed bumps or potholes – the slower you are going, the better chance you have of either not hitting them, or at least getting out of them with your dignity intact. And this is your journey, so you should be in the driving seat..

The emotional component to any move is very rarely (if ever) addressed by employers, relocation companies or even the transferees, and yet study after study has shown that ‘unhappiness’ is the main reason for failure of relocation, whether domestic or international. Respondents routinely express their frustration at the lack of control and loss of identity.


This is exactly what this guide addresses; the first step of each stage is spent working out what your needs are.  We not only talk about the practical steps, but also why they are important to you, and how they affect your future life, so that everything from your choice of housing to your social network adds richness rather than stress to your life.

The more thought you put into the relocation process, the better you get at it. If you made thoughtful, conscious choices on your first relocation, the subsequent moves get easier and easier.  We want you to build the skills you need to move anywhere, any time, on your own terms. And, of course, to share the stories with the rest of us..


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