Here’s your definitive guide to cheaper international communication. What you choose to talk about is completely up to you..

Please note: This is a free template designed for personal use, which is painstakingly hand produced (complete with drawing, cutting and gluing) and took weeks of slaving over a laptop, extended video tutorials and battles with teenage children for internet bandwidth to produce… Therefore, distributing this template (either in print or via electronic copies) is simply not cricket, and is strongly prohibited.

We are, however, delighted for you to introduce others to our labor of love; simply refer them to the Defining Moves website, where they too can explore, engage, download and print their own..

Click on the link below to download the PDF version, then simply save, view and print the sheets that you need.


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  1. […] here’s the Defining Moves guide to cheaper international communication.¬†Complete with a lovingly handmade PDF cheat sheet. You’re spoiled, you really […]

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